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Data Centre Storage

Elevate Your Data Centre Storage


Exos® CORVAULT™ 4U106 4U rackmount — featuring up to 2.5 PB capacity for 1.2-metre-deep racks.


Exos® CORVAULT™ 5U84 5U rackmount — featuring 1.5 PB for 1.0-metre-deep racks

Discover the Perfect Solution for Your Data Centre Needs

Exos CORVAULT is a high-performing, efficient, durable multi-petabyte capacity block storage system that is self-healing and brings five-nines availability to scale out storage for data centre deployments.



Up to 2.5 PB

Form Factor

4U High × 1.2M Deep Rackmount

Host Port

Mini-SAS HD 4 Ports on Each Controller 8 Ports per System

Host Interface

12 Gb SAS

System Availability and Data Durability


Watt per Terabyte Power Consumption

0.83 W/TB

Data Protection




1.5 PB

Form Factor

5U High × 1.0M Deep Rackmount

Host Port

Mini-SAS HD 4 Ports on Each Controller 8 Ports per System

Host Interface

12 Gb SAS

System Availability and Data Durability


Watt per Terabyte Power Consumption

0.83 W/TB

Data Protection



Check our Data Center Services

Consultancy Services:

This service helps companies determine their data center requirements, assess their existing infrastructure, and develop a comprehensive strategy for designing and building a new data center.

Site Selection:

This service involves selecting the appropriate location for the data center, taking into account factors such as availability of power and connectivity, proximity to customers, and environmental factors.

Design and Planning:

This service involves designing the data center infrastructure, including the layout of the facility, power and cooling systems, network architecture, and security systems.

Construction and Installation:

This service involves building the physical infrastructure of the data center, including the installation of power and cooling systems, network cabling, and server racks.

Testing and Commissioning:

This service involves testing the data center infrastructure to ensure that it meets performance, reliability, and security requirements.

Maintenance and Support:

This service involves providing ongoing maintenance and support for the data center, including monitoring of system performance, upgrading hardware and software, and responding to issues as they arise.


Data Center Type

Types Of Data Center We Build

Overall, our data center services provide end-to-end solutions for designing, building, and maintaining a data center infrastructure that meets the specific needs of businesses and organizations.

Micro Data Center

A micro data center (MDC) is a low-scale highly modular data center that includes all the compute, storage, networking, power, cooling, and other infrastructure in one place that required for a given workload.

Edge Data Center

As the name suggests, Edge Data Center can be found on the edge of the network. The edge data centers are smaller facilities and they are located near the facility they serve.

Colocation data centers

Third parties own these rental spaces within colocation facilities. The hardware is provided by the renting organization, and the infrastructure, including physical space, bandwidth, cooling, and security systems, is provided and managed by the data center.

Enterprise Data Center

Enterprise data centers are built and possessed by the organizations for internal end users. These data centers support operations of IT and critical applications of a single organization and they can be located both on-site and off-site.


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  • What is data center cost per rack unit?

    Inr. 25 lakh

  • Inr. 34685

  • Inr. 373351

  • Inr. 312500

  • Inr. 321500000

  • To build a data center in india, one need to invest atleast 30 cr for 100 rack except land and IT part. It will cover non IT and civil construction part only. Its only a budgetry amount it may goes up and down as per market avaialablity.

  • To build a data center in India, one need to invest atleast 30 cr for 100 rack except land and IT part. It will cover non IT and civil construction part only. It's only a budget amount it may go up and down as per market availability.

  • Average area per rack for hyperscale data center is 72 to 90 square foot that include all utility space including ups, dg, transformer, cooling unit.

  • Average Cost for 1u rack server is 3-6 lakh.

  • Opex is half of the revenue as per current market scenario and opex is including electricity, manpower, maintanance, internet, amc, rent, sales & marketing if we consider 8 rack revenue after 8 years , revenue would be 14 crore and 7 crore.

  • Here’s something about the servers:

    Servers usually come with a single or two-socket. A single-socket server consumes 118W and a two-socket server 365W.

    Each server runs at a different capacity, depending on the load we put on them.

    Let’s calculate the power consumption of a single server for a year:

    For a single socket which is rated at 118W at running 10% capacity, 24 hrs a day consumes 118W*10%*24*365 days = 103368 Wh or 103 units/yr

    For two-socket server, it consumes 319740 Wh or 320 units/ yr

    But all the servers need not run at 100% capacity all the time, right? From a study, it is estimated that most of the servers run at 50% capacity.

    So a single socket server running at 50% capacity consumes 515 units/ yr and a two-socket server consumes 1600 units/ yr

    As we have 400 million servers across the world, let’s assume they all run at the 50% capacity. Also, let’s assume that the mix to be 75:25 with 75% of the servers (300 mn) to be single socket and 25% of the servers (100mn) to be double-socket.

    The power consumption of the servers across the world:

    Single-socket: 300mn * 515 units/ yr = 154500 mn units/ yr or 154.5 TWh

    Double-socket: 100mn * 1600 units/ yr = 160000 mn units/ yr or 160 TWh

    The total consumption of servers across the world=154.5+160= 314.5 TWh**

    For comparison, the total power consumption of India is 1400 TWh and the above consumption stands 11th if it were a country.


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